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FAQ - General FAQ

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's). If you do not find the answer to your question here please do not hesitate to contact us.

Will the chain lubricator system spray my motor cycle?
No, however, this will depending on the quality and quantity of oil used.
Will The Cameleon Oiler affect my fuel to air ratio?
No, the electronic system will not affect your fuel to air ratio.
Why do I have a black oil stains on my bike?
This is likely a result of the accumulation of grease or dirt due to lack of cleaning. Once cleaned the Cameleon Oiler will keep the system clean.
Will the semi rigid tube move when I ride?
No, this is due to the metal rod within the tubing. Tests have shown it will stay in place during riding conditions but the flexible outer shell can be moulded to the layout requirements needed to fit your motorcycle.
Why install a ventilated cap on my reservoir tube?
Cameleon Oiler requires this in order for the oil to flow correctly, without interruption or the creation of a vacuum.
How much oil will be consumed?
With the lubricant PolyAlphaOlifin CCo-190, a drop every 6-7 minutes or 2-3 cycles of the case is sufficient for dry weather and road conditions. If you use an ordinary sticky oil, a drop every 2-3 minutes will be sufficient but beware of splashing or waste.
Why is there is oil on my tire?
The proper fitting of the SR tube (2 cm above the chain) and a good lubricant (such as extra Tacky CCo-190) should limit these droplets. In some rare cases, change the location of the tube SR entirely to avoid these droplets.
How do I limit splash?
Splash can happen on rare occasions. To resolve this try reducing the open valve on the Cameleon Oiler timer. Using the lubricant CCo-190 should also help significantly.
Why is the Cameleon PolyAlpha Olifin CCo-190 different?
The CCo-190 contains a plasticizer that helps it adhere to the chain; its filaments stretch for meters. The quality and performance of CCo synthetic lubricant is unmatched on the market today.
Will rain conditions affect my chain lubrication?
Yes, in very wet weather increase the lubrication time in proportion to precipitation.
Will temperature affect my timer, programming lubrication?
Yes. Oils are more viscous in cold weather and less so in hot weather, adjustments will be required!
Is the protective casing of the Cameleon Oiler waterproof?
Yes, the Cameleon Oiler is protected by H-density epoxy, and fills the unit tight rendering it fully waterproof.
The SR tube (rigid) will it block?
No. The motion of the flexible polyurethane on the steel rod, confirms self-cleaning due to the movement.
When my motorcycle is in stop mode, will the Cameleon drain my battery?
No. The Cameleon has a microprocessor memory 'chip' which saves the latest configuration data for the next boot startup cycle. This means it does not have to remain powered to function properly and thus it will not drain your battery.